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The Presentation School is a non-profit 501(c)3 educational institution governed by a Board of Trustees. The Presentation School Board of Trustees is composed of parent volunteers as well as alumni and/or other third-party volunteers. In accordance with its Bylaws, the Board is tasked with long-range and strategic planning including hiring and evaluating the Head of School, reviewing and implementing the school's mission, ensuring long-term financial sustainability, and developing and monitoring development and facilities activities. While the Board works side by side with the Head of School on many issues, the Board is required by its Bylaws and industry best practices to limit the scope of its involvement in school operations as set forth above.

Board of Trustees Committees

The Board of Trustees includes several Board Committees, composed of Board members as well as faculty, administration, and outside parent volunteers on select committees. These committees allow the Board to more effectively focus on various areas that are essential to Presentation’s success and sustainability.

Finance: Led by the Board Treasurer, the Finance Committee is responsible for regular review of The Presentation School’s financial results against budget, review of un-budgeted expenditures throughout the year, and recommendation of an annual financial budget to the Board for approval.

Advancement (Development) & Marketing: The Advancement and Marketing Committee assists the administration and Director of Advancement in annual fundraising efforts. It also assists the administration in school recruitment efforts.

Facilities & Safety: The Facilities Committee assists the Head of School and administration to maintain and improve the campus, and ensure compliance with safety protocols.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee (DEI) strives to embody each of the values of Love, Learn and Lead by cultivating a school culture that is welcoming and accessible to families of all backgrounds and more authentically reflects the wide range of experiences of our local community. The DEI Committee works with school leadership to create an inclusive culture of belonging, establish deeper connections with our community, and fundraise to support the Pathways Scholarship Program, thus creating opportunities for further advancement of The Presentation School mission.

Strategic Planning: The Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for creating, and updating the strategic vision and plan for The Presentation School, including review of the school’s mission from time to time. The Committee will be responsible for developing and ensuring success of a strategic plan for the school that highlights its core values and mission.

Current Board of Trustees

The current members of the Board of Trustees for The Presentation School are set forth below. Detailed information about each of the current Trustees can be found here or by clicking the individual names below.

Jessica Cuneo (Board Chair)

Matt Parker (Treasurer)

Brad Corona (Finance/Strategic Planning)

Sonya De Luca (Advancement)

Bahaneh Hobel (Governance)

Dot Kowal (DEI/Strategic Planning)

Katherine Linder (Strategic Planning)

Andrew Mariani (Strategic Planning)

Matt Mo (DEI)

Cherise Norris (Facilities & Safety)

Ashish Patel (Facilities & Safety/Strategic Planning)

Ginger Rohlffs (Advancement)

Scott Shapiro (Finance)

Dana Sexton Vivier (Finance, Governance)

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