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Presentation School strives to teach and guide students on responsible technology use to ensure that wisdom grows along with skill.

Students live in an increasingly technology-saturated world, and being able to navigate an ever-changing digital terrain is a critical academic and personal skill. At Presentation, technology is integrated within the curriculum, creating an authentic learning environment, where students learn to use the appropriate tools to support their classwork.

K-2 Classrooms have class sets of iPads for 1-1 usage. Student-friendly and tactile tablets are the perfect device to reinforce spelling, letter writing, and individualized math practice, or to just explore the world beyond the classroom.

Students in grades 3-8 experience our 1:1 Chromebook program. Presentation is a Google Apps for Education School, allowing students an integrated, real-world platform for research, writing, collaborating, presenting, calendaring, and student organization.

Presentation is in the process of integrating virtual reality to our learning experiences with Oculus Virtual Reality Headsets.

With a shared technology platform, students will:

  • Prepare for 21st-century integration of digital work and creative tools
  • Engage in collaborative teaching and learning
  • Access new learning materials and methods
  • Create a global learning initiative
  • Increase their engagement in the learning process, allowing teachers to adapt curricula to make learning more engaging and interactive
  • Will embody digital literacy and social responsibility

In addition to technology integration, Presentation School students learn keyboarding, and are offered technology electives that allow students to explore interactive programming, web design, video production, and introduction to robotics. Students are introduced to the foundational elements of computer science and reflect on ways that current and emerging technologies are shaping our world.

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