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What is the independent school advantage?

Passionate Teachers

Faculty at independent schools teach with deep expertise and great passion. Our talented faculty know each student well and interact individually with all their students daily. With support and self-direction to customize their curriculum, teachers can hone into the needs of each student, maximizing their motivation and interests.


High Academic Standards

Independent K-8 schools help to lay the foundation and prepare students for a multitude of high school and college opportunities. There is commitment to stimulating a student's personal growth, nurturing their intellectual curiosity and encouraging critical thinking. Students develop a lifelong passion for and love of learning. Presentation students consistently outperform their counterparts. Our students outperform 97.4% of students nationally (2021 ERB testing). 


Mission Focused Education

The uniqueness of each independent school lies within its mission. Different philosophies, values and approaches to learning among schools help families choose an experience that best suits their student. LOVE, LEARN, LEAD is not just a slogan, but the living and active culture of our community. TPS is an inclusive and welcoming community who embraces all families who want to join us in developing kind, loving, curious, and socially-conscious leaders.


Small Class Sizes

Low teacher to student ratios mean intimate classes. Smaller classes foster differentiated learning and close connections between both teachers and students.



Independent schools welcome inclusive communities where each family is acknowledged, appreciated and respected.


Social & Emotional Intelligence

Social and emotional intelligence is an integral part of both education and human development. Independent schools emphasize teaching the ‘whole child’. In addition to academics, there is an emphasis on nurturing personal and social growth as well as their civic conscience. 


Home School Connection

Independent schools value the support and involvement of caregivers to enhance their student's educational experience. There is strong communication among educators, caregivers, and students, ensuring that everyone is collaborating on the shared goals of the student.
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