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How much does it cost to attend The Presentation School? Well, it depends. 

Presentation is committed to affordability and economic diversity. Our ability to attract students from a broad array of economic backgrounds helps us provide a richer educational and social experience for our school community. The Presentation School’s administration works with an external platform to fairly determine affordability for each family. 

Our admissions process considers three key areas when welcoming new families: 

  1. Educational mission alignment, 
  2. Appropriate academic placement and support, and 
  3. Family affordability.

During the admissions process, all prospective families will complete a Tuition Determination Application to set the rate of tuition for each family. Your Tuition Determination Application will not exceed the year’s annual top tuition. This model allows a Presentation education to be accessible to a wide range of economic circumstances.

Tuition Determination Policy

The Board of Trustees and school administration of The Presentation School are committed to providing affordable tuition to our families. The Presentation School’s Tuition Determination Committee (TDC) is dedicated to four principles when making and communicating tuition assistance decisions - Confidentiality, Objectivity, Fairness, and Equity.

TPS utilizes the FACTS platform to help determine affordability for all prospective families. TPS requires parents to complete the online FACTS application each year. Once the application is complete, FACTS verifies the applicant’s information and determines the suggested financial affordability level based on the submitted data and documentation parents provide in the application. In the case of divorced or separated parents, both parents are required to submit an application via FACTS.

The School, through TDC, reviews the application, the FACTS recommendation, and determines the tuition rate for each family. In some cases, the school may require additional information from families to best determine the tuition.

Prospective families who are considering enrollment, please contact the admissions office for more information on the tuition determination process.

Tuition Determination Policy Criteria

The Presentation School is committed to four principles when making and communicating tuition assistance decisions – Confidentiality, Objectivity, Fairness, and Equity.

Tuition Determination is based primarily on the following criteria:

  • Family’s affordability as reported by FACTS Financial Application
  • Review and interpretation of tax returns and other requested supporting documentation.
  • The student’s ability to contribute to and benefit from the school program and community.
  • The family’s ability to contribute to and benefit from the school program and community.
  • Tuition Determination will be set before finalizing the enrollment agreement.

For information regarding our tuition payment schedule, please reach out to our Business Officer. 

Basic Fund

The Presentation School is proud to be a participating school with the BASIC Fund, a 501(c) 3 organization advancing educational equity for qualifying families through scholarships. To learn more about eligibility requirements click here.

Top Level Tuition Rate

The Presentation School’s tuition and fees are set annually by the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees also allocates significant funds to support the Tuition Determination Application process.


Inclusive Tuition Model

Presentation’s inclusive tuition model ensures all families that virtually all supplemental costs are accounted for in the price of tuition, scholastic and registration fees. Including these costs up-front allows families to plan effectively and avoid incurring additional fees after enrollment.

What's Included:

  • All Scholastic Materials - Presentation does not send out supply lists to families with required academic supplies. Binders, folders, paper, pencils and all scholastic materials are provided, as well as all curriculum textbooks, workbooks, and online access to school subscriptions.
  • Student’s 1-1 Technology - Individual tech devices including educational software, applications, and technical support are provided to each student. Presentation has a 1-1 iPad program in grades K-2 and a 1-1 Chromebook program in grades 3-8. 
  • All K-8 Day Trips - Field Trips are integral to an interactive and engaging academic program. Presentation students participate in many field trips throughout the year and the costs of these day trips are accounted for in the standard tuition rate. 
  • Extensive Specialist Class Resources - All Presentation students participate in an holistic academic program that includes Art, Music, PE, and Spanish. Our classes are well-resourced with engaging activities and supplies to make meaningful contact with new knowledge and perspectives.
  • Community Events - Our students participate in many exciting on-campus learning and community-building activities such as hosting African authors to teach our students about African storytelling, re-enacting the American Revolution and much more! 

The Middle School Fee (6-8) includes:

  • Middle School Athletic League Participation - Students are supplied with athletics equipment, uniforms and all fees associated with participation. All students are encouraged to participate in TPS athletics, both those interested in exploring a new sport as a beginner, or as a seasoned athlete.
  • Performing & Visual Arts Participation - Presentation takes pride in having the most diversified performing and visual arts experiences for students around. Middle School Spring Play, extensive art supplies including clay class, as well as choral performances off campus, Art Show/Spring Sing experiences are included in the tuition.
  • Middle School Leadership Program - Our Middle School Leadership Program, Rising Leaders, meets monthly with two annual day-long field trips. Rising Leaders supports development in leadership skills and community/confidence building to prepare our students for high school and beyond.

Expenses Beyond Tuition:

  • Aftercare (Extended Day) - Aftercare is offered to families from 3:15 - 5:00pm daily at a modest fee that is prorated based on attendance. Please refer to our after-school programs page for current rates and program information. 
  • After School ASPIRE Program - Presentation offers a variety of after-school programs throughout our ASPIRE program with three sessions annually. Recent offerings include Toy Making with a local and experienced Toy Maker, French Immersion, Tennis, Clay Class, and Dungeons & Dragons. Each class is priced individually in each session. Please refer to our after-school programs page for current rates and program information. 
  • Overnight Class Trips - Overnight field trips in grades 4-8 are an additional expense and the responsibility of each family. Presentation works diligently to manage the expense of these experiences and supports various fundraising efforts to help offset trip costs.


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