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May 19th, 2023 11am TPS “The Greens”


It's all about the kids! 

This year we are excited to share that all pledges and gifts will go towards two exciting needs that directly support our students:

2023-2024 Middle School Overnight Trips: 

Each student in grades 5-7 will have their first $250 raised go towards off-setting their families’ middle school overnight trip expenses during next year's 23-24 school year. Anything raised above and beyond each student's individual goal will go towards our collective school goals of  upgrading our sporting equipment and outdoor improvements! 

Sports Equipment & Outdoor Improvements: 

Coach Sweeney has BIG DREAMS for the athletic program! He has a wish list and the remaining money raised by the entire student body will go towards upgrades to our outdoor play areas, green spaces, and new sporting equipment for each grade! Details to follow on all the exciting things Coach Sweeney has in store for the KIDS as we reach each of our milestones! 


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