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Middle School Sports League

The Athletic Program at The Presentation School is an extension of the physical education program. We believe that through participation in physical education classes and after-school athletics, our students can have fun while exemplifying Love. Learn. Lead. The Presentation School participates in the Middle School Sports League and offers sport teams for 5th - 8th graders. The offered athletics and their approximate seasons are as follows:

Fall Sports
Co-Ed Flag Football (5th-8th) Mid-Sept thru Mid-Oct
Co-Ed Cross Country (5th-8th) Mid-Sept thru Mid-Oct
Co-Ed Volleyball (7th & 8th) Mid-Sept thru Mid-Oct
Boys Basketball (7th & 8th) Mid-Oct thru Mid-Dec

Winter Sports
Girls Basketball (7th & 8th) Mid-Jan thru Early-March

Spring Sports
Golf (6th, 7th & 8th) Mid-March thru Mid-May
Boys Basketball (6th) Mid-April thru Mid-May
Girls Basketball (6th) Mid-April thru Mid-May
Track & Field (All 5th - 8th) Track Meet Mid-May

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