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There is something different about a “Presentation Kid.” An enriching curriculum, a close and committed community, and passionate and loving teachers are essential ingredients for successful, happy children and productive and influential adults.

Our students are prepared to attend the most competitive schools in the Bay Area and beyond. Presentation graduates attend a wide variety of independent, parochial, and public high schools upon graduation, excelling wherever they go. Who they are in all of these places matters greatly to Presentation.

  • We strive to create graduates who have developed a greater sense of themselves and their role as active community builders.
  • We strive to create kind graduates who embody the values of love, gratitude, respect, service and integrity.
  • We strive to create graduates who are both critical and creative thinkers, strong and effective communicators, and collaborative problem solvers.
  • We strive to create graduates who are of service to others and their community.
  • We strive to create graduates who communicate respectfully and clearly, who can and will speak up for others, and can clearly explain what they think and why.
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