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About Student Council

Our Student Council is made up of elective officers and representatives in 6th - 8th grades. Our officers are elected annually by students and are composed of two co-presidents, a treasurer, and secretary. Each middle school class has multiple elected representatives and representatives are elected quarterly.

Student Council is the lead student organization to solicit student feedback by the administration. They have advised and helped author school policies such as the uniform policy and dance dress code. Student Council is advised by Mrs. Mora who is known to be an enthusiastic mentor, teacher, and phenomenal DJ!


Meet our 2023-2024 Student Council Board

Bella Yazzolino 24', Student Council President

Hi everyone, my name is Bella Yazzolino and I have been at The Presentation School for 8 years. This year I am so proud to be the Student Council President. I ran for this position because I really enjoy all the fun activities we do in Student Council and I really love to connect with all the leaders at TPS. I've served on Student Council for the past two years and really want to make this last one the best. My goal is to make sure everyone has a voice. Student Council is a way to represent TPS in a positive way. My favorite thing about being a student here is the community. We have teachers who help when you need it and students who are always there for you, even when you are having a rough day. I am looking forward to helping this school be the best it can be during my last year here. 






Keaton Abodeely 25', Vice President

My name is Keaton Abodeely, and I have been a Presentation Patriot for 8 special years. I am a seventh grader and served on student council last year as a representative for my class. My position on our amazing student body board is Vice President. I am so lucky to be working alongside such bright and creative students! One of the reasons I ran for this position was my experience last year and how awesome it was to make ideas come to life for our school. I felt like that was where I belonged as a student, so I wanted to do more. I love my school community so much, and some things I'm looking forward to this year are our spectacular dances and fun all-school events! One of my goals this school year is to make sure that students feel their ideas are being heard and teach them that they have a powerful voice. I want to make sure everyone enjoys our events, so we, as a student council, have suggestion boxes in each classroom. Can't wait to make this school year great!





Audrey Preston 25', Secretary

Hello, my name is Audrey Preston and I am the Student Council Secretary. I have been going to presentations for 8 years and I have enjoyed it so much. I ran for this position because I wanted to help contribute to my school. The Secretary helps keep things organized- from our fundraisers, community events, dances, and so much more! I look forward to creating memories and being able to help others both in the TPS community and beyond. We have a great group of kids who love to help so much. In every meeting, it excites me to hear and see everybody's creative ideas and thoughts. Can't wait to help put them into action this year!







Teagan Sammarco 25', Treasurer

Hello, my name is Teagan Sammarco and I have been a part of the wonderful TPS community for 8 years. This year I am honored to be the Student Council Treasurer. The reason I decided to run for treasurer was the hope that by contributing to my school today might help others set up a path for the future. This role helps to budget, track expenses and plan for future events.This year I hope to create fun memories that all students will remember for many years to come. One thing that I am especially looking forward to is being able to help other people outside of our community. Although there are many things that I enjoy about being on the board, my favorite is reading the suggestion boxes that we put in all of the classrooms. It brings me joy to know that my peers trust our board to look over their suggestions and bring them to life.

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