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Art Show

The Fine Arts program provides a hands-on, holistic approach that encourages students to realize that art is a thoughtful discipline. At TPS our Independent School allows students to have a Fine Art Program outside of their general education classroom. Students build literacy skills through observing and talking about art. They explore various art-making modalities while learning about art history, contemporary artists, movements, and various cultures. Students make valuable connections as they learn to investigate, question, and judge art, all while building their portfolios.

TPS students get the unique opportunity to display their artwork at the Art Fair! The Presentation School community is invited to come view students' artwork and discuss the process behind their work.   Remember the art show only portrays part of the portfolio they have built. At the end of the year, students bring home artwork they have created throughout their school year!


Click here to view our “Through The Eyes of Young Artists” Art Show program for the 2023 show, held on Wednesday, April 26th!



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