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Introducing Pippa Whelan

What is Transitional Kindergarten at The Presentation School?

Transitional Kindergarten is a stepping stone between preschool and their entrance to the K-8 school experience. Children who attend TK at The Presentation School will expand their understanding of foundational academic skills which will support their growth once they enter kindergarten. Transitional kindergarten honors the developmental needs and appropriateness of children at this stage in development. This includes many opportunities for movement, play, discovery, and social growth experiences. 

Is there an age requirement for TK at TPS?

No. In public schools in California, TK has specific birth date requirements. However, we recognize that there are other important ways to measure cognitive and physical development and social skills. We anticipate our inaugural TK pod will include 4 and 5 year-olds.

What is our tk philosophy?
What is the TK schedule?

The Presentation TK program offers two options: a half day schedule from 8:15am-12:45pm, and a full day option from 8:15am- 3:15pm. TK students also have access to our aftercare program which runs until 5pm daily. 

What is the tK Approach?

Our whole child approach to learning balances quiet and active periods as well as student and teacher-directed activities. There is an emphasis on independent work, fostering a greater sense of autonomy, cooperation, and acquisition of readiness skills. Providing a schedule for students that mirrors a traditional primary school day, leverages the student’s longer attention span and capacity for learning.

All TK students receive instruction in literacy and mathematics with the TK pod during the morning. Students who partake in a full day schedule integrate with the kinder class at lunch for the remainder of the day. Together, these students participate in science, social studies and all specialist classes (art, music, PE, SEL, and Spanish).

Our TK pod participates fully in the community and social life of The Presentation School. TK students attend all-school assemblies and share their learning on stage with our community. Students begin developing the hallmark skills and qualities of a Presentation student, such as excellent public speaking abilities, a curiosity about the world around them, and a sense of responsibility in the community.

 What is the maximum size of a TPS Transitional Kindergarten?

Our TK pod is designed to be an intentionally small group with a maximum of 10 students.

Sample TK Schedule



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