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What do we want to accomplish in our Specialist courses as a whole?

Specialist classes offer a holistic curriculum that contributes to the development of well-rounded citizens who understand a series of contemporary environmental, social, and cultural challenges and social responsibilities. Here at TPS we offer K-8 art, music, physical education, and Spanish. In these classes, students engage in learning with and through diverse perspectives from different forms and mediums.

How do our specialist classes live out our mission?

All Specialist classes play key roles in students’ development of self-awareness, knowledge of expression, valuing progress and not perfection, gaining new perspectives of the world and appreciating the essence of life.

Emotionally — Students learn to take care of their whole self and emotional bodies and respect the well-being of others as they show love for themselves and the world around them. 
Academically — Students learn to stretch, explore, and express themselves in creative ways so that they can connect with the world around them.
Socially — Students consider and lead with empathetic perceptions toward others, different or alike, and honoring our multicultural society, experiences, contributions, and perspectives of those who came before, fellow citizens, classmates and peers.
Physically — Students grow an understanding of the natural world, developing appreciation for the Earth, as well as learning to nurture their physical health and well-being.

How do our specialist classes contribute to our portrait of a graduate?

Through Specialized classes, we guide students to gain a greater sense of themselves and their role as active community builders. Our classes help grow students to be critical and creative thinkers, strong and effective communicators, and collaborative problem solvers. Students practice communicating respectfully and clearly so that they can explain their own points of view and advocate for themselves and others.

What makes our program unique and distinct in preparing our students for High School?

Our passionate faculty create an academic foundation that inspires motivation and confidence, where students feel supported, safe, and loved. Students leave our school positioned with tools for success in high school and beyond.

Why do we have Specialized classes?

Specialist courses enrich our students’ embodiment of Love, Learn, and Lead through the integration of sensing in all its forms - cultural, emotional, artistic, and physical - the foundations of a Presentation Graduate. Students implement creativity and intellectual curiosity as they explore a range of Specialized subjects.


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